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Marketing Made Simple

Combined for Impact

In-Store Advertising, Social Media Integration, and In-Store music are each important to your retail success. Combine them into one system and your life just got a lot easier. Powerful tools that deliver results to help your business grow.

We’ve Got You Covered

In-Store Automated Advertising

Play videos and images in your store direct to your customers. You can’t always rely on your employees to consistently deliver promotion and upsale information. Too often they get caught up in other jobs to do what is important to the bottom line. Set up custom playlists on your desktop or phone, and they will automatically play on your in-store TV. No need to worry about when to stop them as they stop per the schedule you put them on. Run multiple playlists and manage them from the cloud so even store far from your office will run smoothly.

Social Media Automation

We have all been there. We know how important Social Media is to our business. But too often we get caught up in meetings, fires to put out, other important things to do. What slides? Our Social Media. But the world is going this direction and if we aren’t there, our future is in question. We’ve got you covered. Your custom playlists that show on your in-store TV are automated to post on your Social Media platforms as well. Keep it easy and keep in front of your customers. Let us handle the posting of your content on your sites.


In-Store Music Management

This is a major upgrade to the system. Why? Many companies have in-store advertising, but how often do the employees turn it off. They get sick of the same ad running over and over again, so they stop it. Now you loose on upsales and special promotions. The solution…combine the advertising with playlists from Pandora or Shopify. Now your employees get their music and customers get to see promotions and special offers. All delivered at a balanced ratio.

How is it Done?

Using a small computer device plugged into the back of your TV, the GrowTV system communicates over the internet to deliver a custom playlist of content that you choose. Don’t have any videos to share? Using a JGP or a PDF image, the system will integrate that ad into the playlist. We keep it simple. The device is a plug-and-play setup. Use multiple devices and create unique playlists for each. You are in control of what and when the content is shown. 

Flexibility to Design, Schedule, and Track

The GrowTV system is so flexible that you can design playlist, schedule, and track results all from your computer. Power to perform right in your hands.


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